If you are using this system for the first time - below are some notes to help you.

If you select 'Courses' - you will see

  • A list of the available training courses.
  • An information page about the contents of the course and a few sample pages from the course.
  • The option to buy one single use of one or more courses, or for a company one of more uses of one or more courses.

Payment is via paypal, which allows you to use a debit or credit card. We are not given any of the payment or personal details.


To buy or do any of the courses you need to register and login.

  • 'Register' will ask for the following information - Name, Initials, email address and a password for future logins.
  • You may register as an individual or a member of a company. If you register and say you are registering for a new company - you will be given a company ID, and you choose a company password. When you register as a new student - you will be asked if you are an individual or a member of a company. For a member of an existing company - you will also have to enter a company id and password, given to you by your company administrator.
  • If you are a company administrator - you may create a new company account - for which you will enter the company name, contact name, telephone number and email address. You will also create a password to be used by other members joining this company account. If the students belonging to a company do not have individual email addresses, they may login using that of the company administrator, and quote their own name when they start a course. That name will then appear on the course completion certificate.
  • 'Login' will ask for the email address and password you created when you registered.


Select 'My Courses' to do a course you or your company have purchased

  • This page will list available courses, both company and individual, available to you.
  • You may do the course in more than one session - continuing where you left off.
  • You may only do the assesment test once.
  • Once the course is completed - you cannot do it again without buying another copy.
  • If you have not completed all the tutorial modules, but have passed the test and want a certificate, you can mark the incomplete course as 'finished'.

When you purchase a course - you are buying one copy of the course which contains tutorial material and a test. You may do the course in more than one session - if you fail to complete it in one session - login again and carry on where you left off. The test has a passmark of 75%, and you get one go at the test. If you fail it, you must buy another copy and have another go.


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